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How it works

Would you like to transform your ultrasound picture into an ultrasound jewelry?
Follow these four simple steps to eternalize your sonogram and create your own personal Brilliant Ultrasound. Made in Sweden with plenty of love!

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1. Choose DESIGN

First of all, start off by selecting which jewelry type that you would like to create. Go directly to the our Shop if you wish to select model right away.

2. Select MATERIAL

Second step, would you like it casted in silver, rosé gold or gold? Choose your preferred material. For additional information, please visit our Product pages.

3. UPLOAD Ultrasound

Now it’s time yo upload your best sonogram / ultrasound. Today it’s common to receive your ultrasound scans directly to you phone. Those are easy to send but a scanned copy works just as well. See our requirements for the Ultrasound picture.

4. ENGRAVE a message

Last but not least, you are able to add an engraving to all of our pendants. Sweet things like the babys name, a date of birth or a few well chosen words for the baby to carry into his or hers future.

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Some of our References

“Brilliant Ultrasound is at the top of my girlfriends wish list.”  -Charlie

“So super happy with my jewelry! Thank you for your excellent service.”  -Maria

“Thank you for your quick responses and a fantastic product.”  -Fredrik

“The most unique and personal jewelry in the world.”  -MamaMia (maternity care)



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